For commercial mobile catering, we offer a one stop shop of quality products. Fully fitted by our qualified and experienced engineers.

All work is certificated upon completion. Our emergency repairs and regular maintenance package are competitively priced.

Annual gas inspections are required by law for all commercial premises including mobile catering vans, trailers and street traders. Safeguard Group can provide gas safety inspections and recognised LPG gas certificates for mobile catering units.

We specialise in support and repairs for events IE festivals, trade-shows and food markets.

Get in touch to find out more about LPG conversions.

LPG is a higher calorific gas and requires smaller pipe sizes for the same kilowatt output. LPG is heavier than air so has a requirement to ensure adequate low level venting of kitchens in the event of spillage.

At Safeguard all our work is GAS Safe and NIC EIC Certified.

Our people and processes are trained and qualified in:

• CMC1 – Core Comercial Mobile Catering

• COMCAT 1,2,3,4

• Commercial Catering Range Cookers
• Commercial Catering Pressure / expansion vessels (coffee machines)
• Commercial Catering Fat & Pressure Fryers
• Commercial Catering Fish and Chip Ranges
• Mobile Catering Range Cookers, Ovens
• Mobile Catering Fryers, Griddles, Grills, Bain Maries
• Mobile Catering Boilers
• WAT1
• Mobile Catering Instant Water Heaters
• Commercial LPG Gas generators
• LPG Gas Refrigerators