Superior performance and stylish design make our ventilation and extraction systems hard to beat.

Our commercial systems deliver all the reliability with even better energy efficiency. Powerful enough to remove heat, grease, odours and potentially harmful gases ie. Carbon Monoxide. Ensuring that your commercial kitchen and cooking spaces are safe and comfortable for staff to work in.

We can also advise on new construction and installations inline with Building Regulations. This covers ventilation rates, energy requirements and the installation practices of ventilation equipment.

We use top quality products and provide extended maintenance and support beyond most manufacturer’s warranties.

Our systems are designed to fit your requirements and we specialise in large scale kitchen projects for restaurants, commercial premises, sports stadiums and hotels where the look is as important as performance. Our work has been used in complete turnkey installations in the food and health industries and has converted industrial spaces into open plan offices and workshops.

Our qualified, experienced engineers and all our installations comply with all current gas safety regulations (BS-6173).

We also supply the following systems:

• Gas interlock
• Heat recovery
• Odour control
• Fire suppression
• Noise control (noise attenuation/fan silencers)
• Air replacement

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